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Applied AI transformation for

Solving problems that matter to your business with the safety measures, performance, and constant updates to stay ahead.
What we do

Design and deliver Applied AI outcomes on any platform

AI transformation

Working with leaders to identify high-value opportunities and use cases for Applied AI impact.

Model research
Experimentation with novel model approaches to create Declarative AI functions for Applied AI.
Applied AI use cases
Supporting the delivery of industrial AI applications into production to best maximize ROI.
Our approach

Delivering tangible AI value in real-world applied environments

Focused on outcomes

Many of today's AI transformation projects can quickly lose focus away from the primary business drivers and required outcomes.

Our approach begins with analysis of the business outcomes required, and then work back to ensure the delivery of those outcomes in production.

We align up front with your internal and externals teams, as well as your platform vendors to jointly solve to outcome.

Industry applied AI applications

Data Kinetic focuses only on Applied AI applications that are tailored for real-world use cases in your industry.

Unlike experimental applications Applied AI requires production grade robustness, security, and performance you need to succeed.

AI applications require the ability to continuously learn, adapt, and optimize.

Declarative AI approach

Building on the experience of delivering Applied AI applications, our approach leverages Declarative AI models that allow you to access repeatable models and AI/ML functions to rapidly compose Applied AI applications.

This approach reduces time-to-market, and focuses teams on the last mile of application delivery, and provides access to novel and advanced approaches unique to Data Kinetic.

Platform-agnostic deployment

Data Kinetic is not a AI platform company, instead we work on your existing AI platform investments. Reducing costs, and ensuring that skillsets are harmonized throughout the teams.

Our platform agnostic approach supports remote managed and air-gapped Applied AI applications, as well as hosted, and Cloud based solutions.

Customers can choose to subscribe to performance updates, or model audits to ensure best in class performance.

Industry solutions

Applied AI Use Cases

Forecast patient volume

AI-driven forecasting enhances patient volume prediction, optimizing resources, reducing wait times, improving efficiency, supporting staff, and ensuring better healthcare delivery.

Predict equipment failure

Enable proactive maintenance, minimizing downtime, ensuring patient safety, reducing costs, and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Predict patient stays

Manage resource allocation, cost management, bed availability, staff scheduling, patient care optimization, discharge planning, reduced readmissions, targeted interventions, and overall improved healthcare outcomes.

Topic extraction for clinical notes

Streamline patient care, identifying trends, enhancing decision-making, ensuring accurate diagnoses, and optimized treatment plans.

Fraud Detection

Combining novel techniques that identify non-conforming regime changes combined with behavioral data allows higher detection of one-shot fraud attacks.

Risk Assessment

Curate complex risk assessments on various factors, both 1P/3P. Create custom risk factors based on topic identification in documentation or other telemetry.

Policy Recommendations

Balance internal and external factors to produce price optimized policy recommendations with localized segmentation options.

Portfolio optimization

Optimize portfolios, enhancing risk management, maximizing returns, predicting market trends, improving diversification, and enable simultaneous strategies.

Deal identification

Identify M&A potential, uncovering hidden opportunities, evaluating private companies, streamlining due diligence, enhancing decision-making, and maximizing investment returns.

Predict product exposure

Predict default likelihood, improving credit risk assessment, enabling proactive intervention, optimizing lending decisions, and reducing financial losses.

Predict Emissions

End to end near-real time emissions forecasting and management, across multiple systems, and sites.

Let's build something together.