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Building a Focussed AI Center of Excellence takes work, and experience. Our team has developed a set of core principles to ensure your teams can reach predictable outcomes in production, and get to the returns required.
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We've been working on Applied AI problems for over a decade. Hear from experts on how Data Kinetic can help you.

"In the high-stakes environment of the operating room, where split-second decisions can mean the difference between life and death, the team at Data Kinetic is making significant strides in applying artificial intelligence to improve patient outcomes in cardiac surgery.

Under the leadership of Nick and Gonzo, Data Kinetic has distinguished itself by deeply engaging with the unique challenges and constraints of the surgical domain. Their commitment to understanding the intricacies of cardiac surgery has allowed them to develop AI solutions that deliver tangible impact, setting a new standard for the effective application of AI in healthcare.
Data Kinetic's work underscores the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in driving meaningful advancements in medical AI. By bringing together experts in machine learning, software engineering, and clinical practice, they have created tools that provide surgeons with actionable insights and support when it matters most.

As the field of healthcare AI continues to evolve, the success of teams like Data Kinetic highlights the need for more focused, domain-specific approaches that prioritize real-world impact over hype. By cutting through the noise and focusing on the specific needs of clinicians and patients, they are laying the groundwork for AI to transform patient care across a wide range of medical specialties.

In the years to come, the work of Data Kinetic and other pioneering teams will be instrumental in realizing the full potential of AI in medicine. Their dedication to bridging the gap between cutting-edge technology and clinical practice offers hope for a future in which AI-powered tools become an integral part of the surgical arsenal, helping to save lives and improve outcomes for patients around the world."

Dr Zain Khalpey MD, PHD, FACSChief Medical AI Officer, Honor Health
& Director of Artificial Heart, Mechanical Circulatory Support, and ECMO


We're comprised of a group of experts from various industries which gives you access to technology and expertise to a wide variety of capabilities and skills to support, grow, and achieve your AI initiatives.

HEALTH SYSTEMS Readmission prediction and intervention at point of care. Combining LLMs, historical trend data, and comorbidity weighted impact.  
ENERGY Deep sea drilling systems and anomaly detection. An unsupervised model covering complex state, regime, and sensor thresholds to determine potential future faults.  
RADIOLOGY False negative detection for automated visual pathology in mammogram screenings. Capable of  adjusting and accommodating for multiple source images, and auto-calibrating as needed.  
SUPPLY CHAIN Global distributed intelligence engine, mapping global trends and sessions to predict impact on supply chain route. Supported with simulation factors for alternative plan risk score adjustment.  
MARKETING Dynamic high propensity research agent framework, and target audience use case, and custom content generator. Integrated with Hubspot and existing marketing performance tooling.  

Bridging the gap between board expectations, advanced AI concepts, and the capability/maturity and overlying prioritization of key AI initiatives to drive a 3 year AI roadmap.

ENERGY Low power consumption, local vision model to enable flare detection, virtual flow metering (VFM) for remove sites including temporary locations. Extended with custom mesh hardware for detection.  
MARKET RESEARCH AI enabled focus group, message testing, and optimization. Building from existing and 3rd party research to accelerate market validation.  
DRUG RESEARCH & COMPLIANCE Large scale FDA trial auditing to identify cohorts and potential outliers combining medical record extraction, trial policy and criteria, and a lossless audit chain for 1000's of assets.  
A completely different approach


After years of working for large AI companies we all got together and came up with a new way of getting AI to production. Focusing not just on amazing technologies, but also the requirements to get the job done. No extended evaluation cycles, No forever costs associated with delivery. No vendor lock-in.
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Nick King CEO

Built and developed multiple categories including Azure SQL, Google Cloud AI, Android Enterprise, DataRobot.

Nick has 20 years experience in enterprise and government Applied AI use cases. He focuses primarily on regulated industries with specific bodies of research in healthcare, oil & gas, supply chain, and decision intelligence.

David "Gonzo" Gonzalez CTO

David “Gonzo” González co-founded, acquired in 2020 by Boston-based DataRobot where he succeeded in bringing a jobs-to-be-done perspective to focus product strategy.

Gonzo pioneered transactionally authored training and inference on multi-modal datasets and is the primary author of The AI Manifesto for Applied Artificial Intelligence Development and has multiple ML patents.

Nathan Methvin Applied AI/ML Engineer

AI/ML Engineer and Data Scientist specializing in arbitrage and complex hierarchical forecasting and prediction.

Nathan primarily focuses on developing production ready ML systems for regulated industries.

Richard Marshall Chief Analyst

Over 30 years of experience in software design and innovation. Written thousands of lines of code, launched products, raised funding, and spent 5 years as a Gartner analyst.

He consults, writes, and lectures widely on software development, mobile, low code, web tools and AI with a flair for bringing the hype down to earth and helping clients become smarter innovation adopters. 

jim yang
Jim Yang Senior Data Scientist

Director of Data Science - ML/AI at Microsoft. Founding member of Microsoft AI initiatives from 2006 - 2020 (retired).

Jim has come out of retirement to work on Data Kinetic’s unique healthcare problems and brings a wealth of healthcare AI use cases in production knowledge.

Abhijith Varma Mudunuri Applied Data Scientist

Applied AI data scientist currently studying in Berkeley in AI and Computer Science. 

Abhijith is a generative AI specialist and focuses on model augmentation and scaled Applied AI design.

Atharva Jayesh Patel Applied Data Scientist

Applied AI data scientist currently studying in Berkeley in AI and Computer Science. 

Atharva is studying supply chain models and optimization with physics models and supporting simulations.

Mark Barnett Researcher & Digital Twin LeadMark Barnett is a vastly experienced Formula 1 engineer, strategist and innovation director. Having worked at the pinnacle of motorsport for 15 years with teams like McLaren and Williams.

As a digital twin thought leader Mark cascading benefits and ecosystem challenges, and the ultimate goal of predictive decision-making at all levels of an organization.
Stephen "Steffin" Harris Enterprise Data & AI Advisor

Steffin is an energetic, results-driven visionary and transformational leader with nearly 30 years of technology and business experience.

Attributing his success working for great managers, leading phenomenal teams, learning from his partners/peers to work smarter and frankly timing.



No surprised here! Pay the same fixed price each month. No long additional scoping or hidden fees. Choose to co-create, set and forget, or once the outcome is completed we'll train the team on the approach after completion.


Scale up or down as needed, and pause or cancel at anytime. Two simple offers that match your needs. Optional extra Jumpstart program to rapidly accelerate path to measurable outcomes.


Everything we work on is made specifically for you and is 100% yours. You keep the source code, we'll walk you through the components used, including private Data Kinetic libraries. Once we're done you can customize further as needed.

Easily manage and assess your AI portfolio to drive results. Leverage our teams broad experience in creating AI programs to save countless cycles iterating through traditional frameworks.
Skip the long pre-sales process and POCs and get to results quickly. We work with you and your team to get to the fastest result possible. All while building on compounding AI principles and enabling reusable assets for your broader organization.

We get it, there's not a day that goes by with some other acronym and research paper to read. Stay ahead of complex changes, and avoid budget pitfalls by spending on the wrong things.

Research & Insights

Our team regularly publishes findings and insights on industry-specific outcomes and opportunities

Richard M. Marshall
June 13, 2024 3:08:32 PM EDT6 min read

What makes an organization AI-ready?

AI is much more than a technology: it is a new approach to both how systems are built and how they are used. As a result, being ...
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Richard M. Marshall
May 16, 2024 11:49:58 AM EDT4 min read

From AI FOMO to AI Focus

Every day there is a new story about AI, and unlike most tech, it is picked up by all the traditional media. AI is everywhere. ...
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David "Gonzo" Gonzalez
May 8, 2024 10:32:17 AM EDT6 min read

The Hidden Costs of AI as a Service: Unpacking the Pitfalls of Subscription-Based AI Tooling

In September of 2022 I left DataRobot, the titan of automated machine learning, carrying with me a wealth of insight about the ...
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Nick King
February 15, 2024 9:00:00 AM EST2 min read

Introducing Data Kinetic's Healthcare Suite

Today, Data Kinetic introduces a suite of industry-focused applications, designed for integration with existing healthcare ...
Start Reading
Nick King
December 5, 2023 9:42:43 PM EST8 min read

Unveiling the Hidden Needs: Why Data Kinetic has been focused on industries, not speeds and feeds.

We set about understanding industry specific business challenges with the goal of accelerating the time it takes to bring ...
Start Reading
Nick King
November 24, 2023 7:53:47 PM EST3 min read

Leveraging Applied AI and GenAI Approaches to Accelerate Outcomes for Scope 3 Emissions

In the contemporary business landscape, addressing climate change and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions have become ...
Start Reading
Nick King
June 26, 2023 8:30:00 AM EDT3 min read

Introducing Data Kinetic ESG Supply Chain Intelligence

In the ever-evolving world of business, the importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) compliance has ...
Start Reading
Nick King
June 21, 2023 8:34:00 AM EDT6 min read

Taking accountability for Advanced Applied AI governance - a proposal for an open AI Impact assessment scale (AIIAS)

Introducing the AI Impact Assessment Scale: The Importance of Governance and the Power of Self-Regulation As artificial ...
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Get started simply and start building outcomes that have impact. Get started simply and start building outcomes that have impact. Paid annually.
Our extended offering that works covers all the bases, with two workstreams and additional services.
Our extended offering that works covers all the bases, with two workstreams and additional services. Paid Annually.
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Transforming Real-World Challenges into Applied AI Outcomes

Why Choose Data Kinetic?

100+ Proven Applied AI Outcomes

Business-Centric Outcomes: Data Kinetic focuses on delivering AI solutions that are tailored to specific business goals, ensuring that the technology aligns with your company's objectives​.

Industry-Specific Expertise: The company specializes in creating Applied AI solutions for various industries, such as healthcare, insurance, financial services, and oil and gas, ensuring that the technology is relevant and effective for your sector​.

Declarative AI Approach: Data Kinetic utilizes Declarative AI models, which streamline rapid application development and foster scalability, collaboration, and adaptability across industries​.

Platform-Agnostic Deployment: The company offers flexible deployment options, accommodating your existing AI platforms and investments, which promotes alignment and cost-efficiency​.

Innovative Model Research: Data Kinetic is dedicated to exploring inventive model strategies to develop functional Declarative AI for Applied AI applications.

Collaborative Approach: Data Kinetic works collaboratively with your internal and external teams and platform vendors to ensure the successful delivery of customized AI solutions​.

Focus on Practical AI Applications: The company emphasizes the development of secure, high-performing AI applications that deliver real-world value, rather than just experimental models

Zero Data Leakage. Total Privacy.

Privacy-Preserving Approach: Utilizes multiple techniques to ensure privacy and confidentiality in machine learning models, addressing various aspects of data protection.

Understanding Risks: Focuses on understanding the risks of customer data leakage and potential privacy attacks to determine confidentiality properties of ML pipelines.

Measuring Risks: Defines metrics to quantify identified risks and tracks success towards mitigating them, ensuring robust privacy measures.

Mitigation Strategies: Employs differential privacy (DP) and other strategies to protect customer data, adding statistical noise during training to conceal individual contributions.

Managed Outcomes to Production. In your environment.

Tailored Solutions: Customized AI solutions are developed to align with the specific business goals and industry requirements of the customer.

Collaborative Implementation: Close collaboration with the customer's internal and external teams ensures seamless integration and effective deployment of AI applications.

Continuous Support: Ongoing support and management are provided to ensure the sustained performance and optimization of the deployed AI solutions.

Adaptability and Scalability: Solutions are designed to be adaptable and scalable, accommodating future growth and changes in the customer's business environment.