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Nick KingJune 15, 2023 9:12:53 AM EDT2 min read

Introducing Data Kinetic

We have some news!

Getting Applied AI into businesses is hard, and ensuring they deliver outcomes that have meaningful impact is even more challenging. The last 6 months have changed that way many of us look at AI and the impact it can have, but very few companies are yet able to take advantage of this, and mitigate the complexities associated with getting them into production.

Introducing Data Kinetic, an Industry focused, Applied AI outcome, R&D, and advisory, company based here in Austin, TX

The last three months we’ve been operating in stealth mode to understand just how industries such as Oil & Gas, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Insurance can take advantage of Applied AI.

Starting today we’ll be opening up our AI Advisory practice to all customers focused on developing Applied AI outcome focused strategies with enterprise organizations globally.

To start with we’ll be providing up to 2hr workshops free of charge to simply share knowledge. You can learn more about those below.


You might ask, why free, why now, and what’s the agenda?

It’s simple, while there is a lot of excitement, there still needs to be an enterprise approach to getting things done. The sharing of knowledge in my opinion is the best way to start the conversation, and help all of us get the most from this new wave of AI.

There are a couple of additional founding principles of Data Kinetic that are also important to share:

🔧 Platform Agnostic: We understand that every business has made significant investments in their existing data infrastructure. That's why Data Kinetic is platform agnostic - we're designed to work on top of your existing infrastructure, building solution outcomes that align with your business and deliver direct impact. We actively collaborate with several of the largest AI, Data, and Platform companies to ensure we seamlessly integrate with their technological investments and innovations.

🎯 Industry Outcomes First: We prioritize industry outcomes above all else. Our mission is to drive significant impact by integrating AI/ML methodologies into existing business systems. We understand that our clients seek tangible returns and outcomes from these technologies, and we're committed to delivering practical solutions that meet these needs. Whether it's in oil and gas, financial services, insurance, or healthcare, we're focused on delivering results that matter

🌐 Practical Applied AI Strategy and Advisory: At Data Kinetic, we offer practical AI strategy and advisory services to guide our clients through the process of AI adoption. We assist enterprises in formulating effective strategies, staying abreast of regulations, and selecting projects with direct outcomes. Our goal is to make AI adoption as seamless and beneficial as possible, providing training and access to our R&D frameworks when relevant.

🔬 R&D to Create Novel Solutions to Complex Problems: Our R&D focus is on creating innovative solutions to complex problems. We focus on novel data management and augmentation, generative use cases for enterprises, and emerging AI techniques such as declarative AI and model performance enhancement. By staying at the forefront of AI research and development, we're able to bring the latest and most effective solutions to our clients' most challenging problems

There’s a lot to do. And we’re really excited to open this chapter.