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Applied AI Outcomes
Solution Exploration Workshop

Data Kinetic's AI Application Acceleration Program is designed to foster collaboration between Data Kinetic data scientists, AI engineers, and AI teams and senior leadership in industry.

This program aims to address challenges within the sector by using an Applied AI design thinking approach to develop cutting-edge AI applications.


By building on the collaborative expertise of participants, the program strives to create solutions that improve efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and drive industry growth.

Duration: 90 minutes

Objective: Facilitate collaboration and sharing of insights and best practices between industry data science teams, and Data Kinetic's team of advanced Applied AI data scientists and AI engineers, with the aim of creating a roadmap document and recommendations for supporting technology and techniques.

Typical Agenda:

  • Welcome and Introduction (5 minutes)
    • Brief introduction of participants and their roles
    • Objective and expected outcome of the session
  • Overview of Current Industry Landscape (10 minutes)
    • Presentation of current challenges and opportunities your organization
    • Discussion of emerging trends and technologies in applied AI for the industry
  • Sharing of Best Practices and Insights (20 minutes) 
    • Organizational data science teams share their experiences and success stories
    • Data Kinetic's team shares their expertise and insights on applied AI technologies
    • Q&A and interactive discussion
  • Breakout Sessions (30 minutes) [Option to run as one team available]
    • Divide participants into smaller groups to brainstorm AI applications relevant to their respective domains
    • Discuss potential use cases, benefits, and challenges associated with the proposed AI applications
    • Encourage collaboration and cross-fertilization of ideas between teams
  • Break (5 minutes)
    • Breakout Session Presentations (15 minutes)
    • Each group presents a summary of their discussions, including potential AI applications, benefits, and challenges
    • Q&A and feedback from other participants
    • Consolidate and summarize the findings from the session
    • Outline a roadmap document and recommendations for technology and methodologies
    • Roadmap Document and Recommendations (5 minutes)
  • Closing Remarks and Next Steps (5 minutes)
Partnering together to foster innovation

Expected Outcomes

The Solution Exploration Workshop is a brainstorming and collaboration session offering a structured and engaging approach to facilitate knowledge sharing and cross-industry collaboration.

Our format is designed for an open dialogue between data science teams and Data Kinetic's Applied AI data scientists and AI engineers. Participants can leverage diverse perspectives, experiences, and expertise to drive innovation and identify novel solutions to complex industry challenges. This approach not only accelerates the development and implementation of AI technologies, but also fosters a culture of continuous learning and improvement, enabling teams to stay ahead of emerging trends and capitalize on new opportunities in the rapidly evolving AI/ML landscape.

These sessions empower participants to identify and explore potential AI applications, benefits, and challenges, while also promoting synergies between different domains and expertise areas. By consolidating the outcomes of these sessions into a comprehensive roadmap document, the collaborative process culminates in a clear, actionable plan that guides future work, ensuring that the insights and best practices shared during the session are effectively translated into meaningful impact for your industry.



Why does Data Kinetic do this?

Our Ethos believes that sharing Applied AI application insights and knowledge benefits all teams and Data Science as a whole.

No commitment expected
We enjoy this approach, and believe the best relationships are formed on trust and knowledge sharing.
Best practices for Applied AI
Applied AI is hard, and every industry has specific complexities. We share our experiences in industries as broad as FinServ, through to oil and gas and more.
We're in this for the long haul
Our experience is that by collaborating together the toughest problems are the one's you'll eventually trust us with.