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Where does my data live? Does my data leave the US? Data Kinetic ensures that data and models reside within the customer's infrastructure, maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of production data.
How secure is the platform?

Our platform runs an isolated air-gapped configuration that can never see your production data. Instead model blueprints a deployed and inflated in a customer's production environment enabling all data to remain within the company's policies and systems.

How long does it take to implement/roll out?

Implementation timelines can vary based on project complexity. Typically, our implementation takes anywhere from 3-6 weeks for a base infrastructure deployment working closely with your teams, and we aim for efficient deployment within agreed-upon timelines.

Models are fine-tuned in parallel. Deployment strategies can be customized depending on customers' productionization practices.

How do you prevent hallucinations?

We use a variety of techniques to reduce the exposure to hallucinations. Rather than one large model, we often leverage several fine tuned smaller models that run in sequence to provide traceable, auditable results.

How do you prevent data breaches? We never store customers data on our infrastructure, and employ air-gapped, and private-SaaS architectures.
Do you share/recycle the models with other organizations?

Our model blueprints are trained and tuned on our own sourced datasets, and are deployed as blueprints which fine tune on your data. 

This means that the models themselves are all uniquely customized for your specific requirements.

This approach also allows us to provide updated blueprints to support new techniques to provide a base case benchmark that continually improves.

No customer data is received or leveraged by Data Kinetic, meaning there is no leakage or risk of IP being shared between customers.

How do you back up the data?

We do not maintain any customer data and only enable redundant and resilient protocols to support maintaining our own infrastructure.

Open Source models and libraries are run through security checks daily if employed, ensuring additional security from upstream attacks.


Who sees my data?

Only users with permissions originating from your environment can access the data. Data Kinetic does not see or have any customer data sent back to our infrastructure.

Do you have an open API?

Generally most model deployments have an API to support faster integration. The core system and models operate with a private API framework that can be exposed on request.

What if we need to tweak a model after deployment?

Post-deployment adjustments are accommodated through our scalable and adaptable framework, ensuring flexibility in refining models as needed.

How long does it take to develop a model?

Model development timelines vary based on complexity. However, we ensure efficient and timely development based on your specific requirements.

Who supports/updates the models moving forward after implementation?

Our dedicated support team provides ongoing maintenance, updates, and necessary support for the deployed models.

Can the models be deployed in any environment?

Platform agnosticism is a core tenet of Data Kinetic's value proposition. Our models are designed to be versatile and adaptable, facilitating deployment in various environments to meet your specific needs.

What are the support hours?

Our support team operates during regular business hours (8:00 AM - 6:00 PM) and offers extended support for urgent matters, ensuring you receive timely assistance.


Can we white-label your platform?

Yes, white-labeling options are available for partners seeking to customize and brand our platform for their clients.

Who performs the support if I (a partner) white-label the platform?

Level 2 and 3 Support for white-labeled platforms is provided by our team, ensuring seamless assistance to your clients.

How do I share interested contacts/companies with you?

You can share potential partnerships or interested contacts via

Data Scientists & Data Analysts

What is the primary focus of your platform?

We focus on empowering data analysts and data scientists with a comprehensive suite of tools for robust data analysis, models, and APIs to build additional use cases and customizations on top of.

What types of data sources are compatible with your platform?

Our platform is versatile and can seamlessly integrate with a variety of data sources, including structured, unstructured, and real-time data streams.

How does your platform ensure data security and privacy?

Data Kinetic does not see or manage any customer data, so security is handled within the customers own security context.

What sets your solution apart from others in the market? Data Kinetic focuses on a cold start, isolated, zero leakage approach to delivering Applied AI. This creates value for customers that is maintained purely in their environment allowing for custom models to grow and evolve as their requirements do.
Can your platform handle big data and large datasets? Data Kinetic is data platform agnostic, so it scales in line with your existing or future data platform investments.
Is there a learning curve for using your tools? Yes, there are concepts and approaches that are unique to Data Kinetic. We work closely with you to ensure that these are understood and explainable.
What kind of insights can I gain from your platform? Data Kinetic focuses on delivering outcomes as a service. This ensures that the required insights are planned for and delivered upfront. By selecting the model outcome, customers can work towards faster time to value and predictable outcomes.
Do you offer custom solutions tailored to specific business needs? Yes, we offer customizable solutions to meet the specific needs of your organization, ensuring that our platform aligns with your unique business requirements.
Can your platform handle real-time data processing and analysis? Absolutely! Our platform is equipped to handle real-time data, enabling data analysts to perform real-time analysis and make timely decisions based on the latest information.
What kind of support/training do you provide for your users? We provide comprehensive support and training resources, including hands-on deployment, documentation, tutorials, and responsive customer support to ensure our users maximize the benefits of our platform.
How long does it take to onboard a project/new account?

We tailor the onboarding process to suit your pace. Most customers are set up and operating the same day as signup.

How are you keeping up with the latest advancements in data analytics/applied AI? Data Kinetic is committed to staying at the forefront of data analytics, AI, and machine learning. We regularly update our platform to incorporate the latest advancements, ensuring our users have access to cutting-edge tools and features.