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Applied AI
Jumpstart Program

An intensive 3-day workshop to rapidly accelerate your Applied AI center of excellence

The pain

Stop spinning and tooling around

In our intensive 3-day Data Products Jumpstart workshop, we tackle the all-too-common challenge of over-promising and under-delivering that many teams face.

Day 1 - we dive deep into your current operations to map out service timelines and pinpoint critical pain points, setting a solid foundation for a strategic AI portfolio that aligns with real business outcomes.

Day 2 - shifts into high gear with targeted brainstorming sessions, where we develop and meticulously refine impactful AI-driven solutions that fit into a broader strategic portfolio, ensuring each piece is poised to deliver tangible results.

Day 3 - is about bringing these solutions to life through rapid prototyping and engaging user feedback sessions, resulting in a robust prototype that’s ready for executive review. This streamlined process transforms the typical quarterly update into an exciting progress report, showcasing a well-structured AI portfolio that not only meets but exceeds leadership and board expectations. This workshop is your pathway to moving beyond the hype, delivering real AI value that genuinely excites your leadership and propels your organization forward.

No commitment expected
Our focus during the Jumpstart is purely on unlocking your potential, not on upselling our services. We dive into your data challenges and opportunities with the sole objective of empowering your team to take the next steps independently.
Best practices for Applied AI
Led by experts from the front lines of applied AI, our workshop leverages the Focused Center of Excellence model to ensure you’re building on a foundation of proven, scalable practices that enhance both strategic impact and operational efficiency.
We're in this for the long haul
If you choose to keep the momentum going post-Jumpstart, we’re equipped to support that transition. Our goal is to see your team succeed over time, transforming initial wins into enduring strengths.
The Solution

Expected Outcomes

The Jumpstart Workshop is a brainstorming and collaboration session offering a structured and engaging approach to facilitate knowledge sharing and cross-industry collaboration.

Our format is designed for an open dialogue between data science teams and Data Kinetic's Applied AI data scientists and AI engineers. Participants can leverage diverse perspectives, experiences, and expertise to drive innovation and identify novel solutions to complex industry challenges.

This approach not only accelerates the development and implementation of AI technologies, but also fosters a culture of continuous learning and improvement, enabling teams to stay ahead of emerging trends and capitalize on new opportunities in the rapidly evolving AI/ML landscape.



Interested to learn more?

Applied AI Jumpstart Program

Data Kinetic's AI Application Acceleration Program is designed to foster collaboration between Data Kinetic data scientists, AI engineers, and AI teams and senior leadership in industry.

This program aims to address challenges within the sector by using an Applied AI design thinking approach to develop cutting-edge AI applications.