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Who we are: Data Kinetic's History



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    Over the past two decades, our team have honed their expertise by delivering impactful AI solutions across diverse industries. Their strengths lie in:

    1. Tailoring AI solutions for various platforms, empowering business systems without constraints.
    2. Innovating in Applied AI, specifically in Declarative AI and Foundational Models through extensive research.
    3. Implementing AI applications in industries to maximize ROI, focusing on practical use cases.
    4. Embracing an outcome-oriented approach by prioritizing specific business goals for successful production delivery.
    5. Developing robust, secure, and performance-driven industry-specific AI applications.
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    Data Kinetic's journey to developing its current solution catalog reflects a progressive understanding of AI's potential in addressing real-world business challenges. Initially, the company recognized the transformative power of AI in solving complex business problems. This realization led to a focused effort on developing specialized AI solutions, tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries.

    Over the years, Data Kinetic deepened its understanding of the practical challenges businesses face when implementing AI. This insight was pivotal in shaping their approach, which became increasingly centered on creating practical, outcome-focused AI applications. 

    In 2020, the teams' research underwent a significant shift, influenced by advancements in Large Language Models (LLMs) and modern transformer technologies. This new wave of AI research prompted the company to reevaluate and reset its entire approach. 

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    In September 2023, Data Kinetic reached a significant milestone with the launch of its private release of Outcomes-as-a-Service suite tailored specifically for the oil and gas industry.

    The suite's unveiling at the 9th Digitalization in Oil and Gas Conference in Houston garnered substantial attention and acclaim, drawing positive feedback from industry leaders, experts, and attendees.

    Most recently our research was published in Engineering Live for Oil & Gas highlighting a number of novel techniques in Applied AI. You can read more here in the digital version of the publication.

    Our Declarative model approach allows the use of secure multi-stage model architectures that ensure traceability and repeatable outcomes with multi-billion parameter models.

    Additional extraction and supporting fine tuned models specifically designed to drive industry outcomes add to the breadth of custom model capabilities.

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    Data Kinetic has launched its next suite of industry-focused applications tailored for healthcare systems, enabling customers to run models securely within their own infrastructure.

    This suite includes applications for CMS Fraud Detection, Social Determinants of Health, Hospital Patient Volume Forecasting, Hospital Length of Stay Prediction and Staffing Optimization, Automated Visual Pathology: Tumor Detection, Detecting Adverse Drug Impacts from Social Media Conversations, and Medical Supply Chain. These applications are designed to integrate with existing workflows, support private model use, reduce burnout, provide insights, and ensure patient privacy.

    The CMS Fraud Detection system boasts a high accuracy rate of 94% in detecting fraudulent behaviors using a comprehensive model with over 4,000 parameters. Other applications in the suite address a range of healthcare challenges, from predicting vaccination rates and patient volumes to optimizing staffing and detecting adverse drug impacts. Data Kinetic's solutions aim to enhance healthcare efficiency, accuracy, and patient care through advanced AI and machine learning techniques


    Data Kinetic continues to work on R&D in advanced model tuning and agent frameworks to continue to develop Applied AI blueprints for innovative industries. 

    We remain humble and curious to continue working with industry leaders to solve today's problems.